Laura Cannon Media and Technology


I find joy in my career when it satisfies the multiple sides of my curious and problem-solving nature. The path to success in technology and media is strategic, creative, and technical; it takes organization, imagination, and communication; and you need to have the aesthetics, the logic, and the resolve to get to the finish line with pride. Each project brings new challenges, from the needs of the client, to the platforms and technologies involved, to the personalities and group dynamics of the team. I love making things come together into something that didn't exist before.


I live in and love Maine for the quality of life, the natural beauty, the abundant outdoor opportunities, and the weather. (Yes, really!) After some wonderful years in Denver, San Francisco, and Manhattan, my heart brought me home to the northeast, which has been home to my family for several generations. Living in a 4-season climate is integral to my sense of well being. The environment I am in is constantly changing, never quite the same place twice. When I'm not working, I am outside as much as possible. I'm a mountain biker, road cyclist, runner, hiker, swimmer, skier (XC and downhill), skater, windsurfer, and paddler (kayak, canoe, raft, SUP). I've completed a half-Ironman triathlon and a marathon, but most of my pursuits are non-competitive; I just enjoy being active and connecting with the natural world, be it ocean, mountain, or somewhere in between.

I share my life with a wonderful person whose love of the outdoors matches my own, and we spend most of our time getting outside for adventures big and small, traveling to new and known places, and doing home improvement projects. We have an awesome dog, Copper, who keeps us on our toes and makes us laugh at least 10 times a day.